Imagine a world where all young people have access to digital skills, exposing them to limitless knowledge, skills and employment opportunities

For millions of young people in rural Kenya, learning to switch on and use a computer remains a pipe-dream, as computers are few and far between. We want to change this. That is why we have partnered with The Shima Foundation, Consul Net Corporation, WomenInTechPK, & Ananke Magazine to make access to digital literacy a reality in rural Kenya


Project Overview

The project aims to equip young people, mainly girls, with digital literacy, employability and entrepreneurship skills that would help them to unlock and expand their economic opportunities. This project addresses the high unemployment rates in Kenya by enabling young people to acquire the technical skills and knowledge they require to be gainfully employed and ultimately, create employment opportunities for others through the application of the entrepreneurship skills learned as part of the project.

It is aimed at addressing the ever sky-rocketing youth unemployment issue in Kenya,by engaging young people (15-19 years) in rural areas to acquire high-on-demand digital technology skills, employability skills, and agribusiness skills, to enable them secure employment and/or create employment.Our innovative project puts the acquisition of digital literacy skills, work placement, leadership and entrepreneurship training at the core of youth economic empowerment. The entrepreneurship element particularly looks at enabling young people to gain the skills, knowledge, and understanding they need not only to access jobs within the agriculture sector, but also to create jobs by engaging in agri-business. The project aims to directly impact 500 young people, 70% girls, annually; 2500 others through peer-learning.