We are proud to support brilliant development initiatives that are initiated by young people who through our work, training, mentoring, and practise, receive a calling to go out there and champion the positive change they desire to see in their communities. 

Feature: “The Coffee Ministry for Children– Kibera, Nairobi

Overview: A young people led initiative that brings together children aged between 6-12 years in Nairobi’s Kibera Slums, to play, learn, and discuss issues affecting them and their community, as well as take action to lead the positive change they would like to see. 

Principles & Origin: Modelled on the structures and principles of the Neighborhood Community Networks and Children’s Parliaments in India, which was originated by Fr. Edwin Maria John since 1998 (https://ncnworld.org/about) (http://www.childrenparliament.in/index.html)  the Coffee Ministry for Children aims to create a network that connects and brings together children from all corners of Kibera, gathering them in safe neighborhood spaces, where they play, learn, grow, and thrive to realise their fullest potential, while taking responsibility to improve Kibera, through sanitation, education, safety & security, food, and ultimately governance

Inclusion & Diversity: The initiative is led by the principle of inclusion, in that, the neighborhood spaces are for ALL children, regardless of ability, gender, religion, tribe, race and other diversities. 

Our Role: To develop the capacity of the Coffee Ministry’s leaders through training, mentorship, coaching, advising, and linking to opportunities for learning and growth, in order to enable them successfully carry out their mission by implementing their ideas for change in Kibera.

Team:  Comprises of youth between the ages of 18 and 25 yrs, and we are super excited to support their work (Photos)

 They are on Social Media! (Links)