For many young people in rural Kenya, gaining crucial ICT and digital skills remains a pipe-dream. In a fast-paced technological world, where economic growth and job creation are highly dependent on technology, young people must be brought forward to learn and understand the new technological changes, opportunities, possibilities, and challenges presented. We cannot afford to leave anyone behind, much less, Kenya’s bulk population of youth in rural areas, where access to important IT learning tools and learning opportunities is scarce and, often, unaffordable. A mother who earns less than $3 a day, will likely prioritise food, health, and basic education, rather than a $45 basic ICT skills course. That is why we are partnering with you and the rural communities to make access to ICTs a reality for rural youth

Our groundbreaking Tech skills project, equips young people, mainly girls aged 15-25 yrs, in Kirinyaga, with IT and crucial employability and entrepreneurial skills, to unlock and expand their socio-economic opportunities

In 2019, at a cost of $1575, 4 laptops, 3 desktops, and 1 tablet, we witnessed 35 young people, 18 being girls, at Hon. Kiragu Secondary School, learning to switch on and use computers for the very first time in their lives! This is the plight of thousands of young people, especially girls, in rural Kenya, because basic ICT skills are only offered in informal, yet very expensive sessions, often in poorly equipped cyber cafes


FREE School-Based ICT clubs: ICT and Digital skills {Introduction to Computers, MS-Office, Introduction to the Internet and Social Media}

Digital Centre Learning: Advanced IT skills {Coding, Web development and Web design, Mobile Applications, and Databases}

Non-tech workshops: IT Soft-skills, Employability and Entrepreneurial skills

Paid Internships, Mentorship, Community Service


In 2 years: Equip 200 youth with advanced IT skills; 1000 with ICT and Digital skills; 2500 others through peer-learning